Things to do in Parga – a relaxing holiday in Greece

Things to do in Parga Greece

I know I know, I’ve written a bunch of articles about Parga already but I just love this town 🙂 This is the last one, I promise. For now.

A holiday in Parga is all about relaxation: Amazing scenery and good food with some sun and the sea. But if you’re like me you still want to do a little something as well. Not much, just a little. Here’s things you can do in Parga:

Walk from Parga town to Lichnos beach

Walk from Parga town to Lichnos beach

I know, I know – you’re traveling to Parga in Greece for some much needed rest and relaxation. However, if there’s one active thing you’ll do on your holiday I suggest you’ll make it this one:

If you’re staying in Parga town and are planning a trip to Lichnos Beach you could consider walking there. It will take a while – I think it took us about 2 hours but we had several breaks. And you’ll be rewarded with amazing views and a sense of accomplishment once you get to the beach. Here’s what you’ll have to do and what you can expect to see on your way there:

Best Beaches in Parga – Visiting Greece

Parga is one of the prettiest places I’ve ever visited. For some reason I didn’t expect much from its beaches. Maybe it was because of the fact that Parga isn’t an island or that most pictures just show the Disney colored bay with the town rising up on the hill. So I was very pleasantly pleased to discover three really beautiful beaches within easy distance from Parga during our visit to this amazing town. So, what are the best beaches in Parga?

Meteora Monasteries in Greece

Meteora Monasteries in Greece
Meteora Monasteries in Greece

Has it ever happened to you that when you come back from a day trip to a historical or otherwise spectacular travel destination, you find that you have about 500 photos to go through? Of just that one day. That’s what happened to me when I came back to Parga from a day trip to Meteora Monasteries in Greece. Well, 581 photos to be exact. And I’m not even counting the ones I have on my mobile phone…

Irida Boutique Hotel in Parga

Irida Boutique Hotel Parga

Our trip to Parga in Greece was wonderful and one of the things that made it such a memorable holiday was the fact that we had an amazing hotel. The hotel was called Irida Boutique Hotel.

Restaurants in Parga, Greece

Restaurants in Parga Greece

I’ve just recently spent an amazing week in Greece, in a small town called Parga. The place is absolutely beautiful and – at least this time of the year – peaceful and calm. It’s not great for people with kids or for people with mobility impairments (you’ll be walking up and down a hill a lot!) but if you’re a couple looking for a romantic getaway, this is your place!

I find it little embarrassing to admit this but the thing I was most looking forward to on this journey was not the scenery or relaxation. It was the food. I love Greek food – well, who doesn’t? And the great thing was that wherever we ate out in Parga, the food was always good. We were never disappointed. So I thought I’d make a little list (with pictures of course) for you of the restaurants in Parga that we visited. I hope this helps you to make up your mind which restaurants you want to try in Parga: