Meteora Monasteries in Greece

Meteora Monasteries in Greece
Meteora Monasteries in Greece

Has it ever happened to you that when you come back from a day trip to a historical or otherwise spectacular travel destination, you find that you have about 500 photos to go through? Of just that one day. That’s what happened to me when I came back to Parga from a day trip to Meteora Monasteries in Greece. Well, 581 photos to be exact. And I’m not even counting the ones I have on my mobile phone…

Irida Boutique Hotel in Parga

Irida Boutique Hotel Parga

Our trip to Parga in Greece was wonderful and one of the things that made it such a memorable holiday was the fact that we had an amazing hotel. The hotel was called Irida Boutique Hotel.

Restaurants in Parga, Greece

Restaurants in Parga Greece

I’ve just recently spent an amazing week in Greece, in a small town called Parga. The place is absolutely beautiful and – at least this time of the year – peaceful and calm. It’s not great for people with kids or for people with mobility impairments (you’ll be walking up and down a hill a lot!) but if you’re a couple looking for a romantic getaway, this is your place!

I find it little embarrassing to admit this but the thing I was most looking forward to on this journey was not the scenery or relaxation. It was the food. I love Greek food – well, who doesn’t? And the great thing was that wherever we ate out in Parga, the food was always good. We were never disappointed. So I thought I’d make a little list (with pictures of course) for you of the restaurants in Parga that we visited. I hope this helps you to make up your mind which restaurants you want to try in Parga:

Mam Tor in the Peak District, England

Mam Tor in the Peak District

Once again we took a flight to London last summer – yes, we always seem to travel to England (take a look at my trips to the Cotswolds and Oxford) and took a train and bus up to the Peak District. I’ve been to the Lake District before and loved it so we decided to this time head to another area in the same direction.

There’s a lot to see and do in the Peak District, but one of the very first things I decided we would have to do was to make a trip to Mam Tor. The pictures were so beautiful that I knew we had to do it. And I’m so glad we did. Here’s what you do:

A trip to Königssee and Obersee from Berchtesgaden

A trip to Königssee and Obersee from Berchtesgaden
A trip to Königssee and Obersee from Berchtesgaden

Are you planning a trip to Munich or some other town in the southern parts of Germany or western parts of Austria? And you would like to spend a couple of days away from the city to see the Alps and some natural beauty?

For this purpose, I cannot recommend Berchtesgaden with a trip to Königssee and Obersee highly enough. Or for any other purpose really.

It has to be one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited.

Berchtesgaden is known for three sights in particular: The Eagle’s Nest, Berchtesgaden Salt Mines and the Königssee. During our trip we visited them all but what really blew me away was the trip to Königssee. And not even Königssee itself, but a walk from Königssee to a smaller lake called Obersee. And that’s what this article is about.

Madrid to Segovia: A day trip by bus

Madrid to Segovia a day trip by bus

There are many choices for day trips from Madrid, Spain. However, if I could recommend just one it would have be Segovia. The place is absolutely stunning.

Madrid to Segovia

The easiest way to travel from Madrid to Segovia as a tourist is by taking a bus. You can also take a train but the train station is not in Segovia city center so you will first have to take a train and then a bus to get there. For this reason, the easiest option in my opinion is to take a direct bus from Madrid to Segovia. The bus will leave from Moncloa bus and metro station in Madrid and it will take you to Segovia in an hour and cost you about 8 euros one way.

A day in Oxford: Itinerary and cost of a day trip

A day in Oxford itinerary

Do you have a day to spend in Oxford and want to make the most of it? It’s surprising how much you can actually see and do in one day. There are people who can spend an entire day in one museum, but I’m not one of them. I want to see and experience as much as possible. If you’re not like me, you’ll think that what I’m about to suggest for one day in Oxford is really, really rushed. Even if you are a bit like me, you’re going to think that this is too much for one day. But this IS what I did in one day in Oxford. It was easy. It was wonderful. And it wasn’t rushed at all.

Here’s an itinerary for your day in Oxford:

Alanya or Bodrum in Turkey?

Alanya or Bodrum in Turkey

Turkey is such a great holiday destination, especially if you have a tight budget but want a relaxing holiday in the sun. The hotels – even the all inclusive ones – are very affordable and even if you eat out twice a day it won’t cost you that much. Now you might be wondering whether you should book a trip to Alanya or Bodrum? Here’s a little information and pictures of both to help you make up your mind.

A couple of days in Cotswolds


I love England. It’s one of those rare countries that I seem to go back to again and again with my boyfriend. We always plan to go elsewhere but somehow end up in England.

So it’s only fitting that I should start this blog by writing about one of the prettiest areas in the country: Cotswolds.